Voices of the Rainforest - A Day in the Life of Bosavi

"Caryl and I are honored to be executive producers of a project that so lovingly presents indigenous knowledge of, and care for, the rainforest environment." ~Mickey Hart

Voices of the Rainforest: A Day in the Life of Bosavi is a 70-minute cinema concert–an experiential documentary about the ecological and aesthetic coevolution of Papua New Guinea's Bosavi rainforest region and its inhabitants. Everyday activities of work, leisure, and ritual are heard in the full ambient setting of the rainforest throughout the day and night.  Steven Feld, worked in Bosavi 1975-2000 and recorded the original (1991) Voices of the Rainforest CD with production support from Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart. Working with acclaimed sound editor Dennis Leonard at Skywalker Sound in 2016-2017, Feld recomposed a 25th anniversary 7.1 Voices soundtrack. 

The newest extension of the project is the 2019 Voices of the Rainforest photobook with 2nd edition CD and 7.1 surround sound 70' film on BluRay disc. Some sounds and visuals Mickey will feature in "Drums and Space" are from this soundtrack and film. The book-CD-BluRay package, which includes an introduction by Mickey, is for sale for personal use ($39.95) at the website of the film distributor, DER. https://store.der.org/voices-of-the-rainforest-p1025.aspx 

Book and streaming royalties substantially benefit the Bosavi Peoples Fund.

The Bosavi Peoples Fund was created in 1991 with the support of Caryl and Mickey Hart to insure that royalties from the original Voices of the Rainforest CD project (produced by Mickey, published by Rykodisc) would flow to Papua New Guinea to benefit the Bosavi people. Together with recordist Steven Feld, we've made this a reality for 30 years now, working with Bosavi communities and bringing educational, medical, and environmental benefits and protections to the region.DER also streams Voices of the Rainforest pay-per-view ($5.95) at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/voicesoftherainforest/400384014

Other ways to hear the Bosavi rainforest that support Bosavi Peoples Fund are through sales of discs endorsed by Mickey:

Rainforest Soundwalks: Ambiences of Bosavi, Papua New Guinea, an all environmental CD from VoxLox:

"State of the art. If you like Voices of the Rainforest you're really going to love this. Rainforest Soundwalks takes you right into the soul of the forest." - Mickey Hart

Bosavi: Rainforest Music from Papua New Guinea, a 3 CD + book retrospective box set of 25 years of field recordings, from Smithsonian Folkways:

"What an amazing gift to the world these recordings are!" - Mickey Hart

For More Information: voicesoftherainforest.org; stevenfeld.net