Spirit Into Sound - The Magic Of Music

June 18, 2015

Over thirty years ago I started researching and gathering information on music. My studio walls eventually became covered by these powerful insights about music, resembling a glowing anaconda that had coiled itself along the walls. Along with Fred Lieberman, I am happy to share these gems from the musical treasure chest the anaconda has guarded all these years.  This book also touches  on my own insights about the origin and power of music and the sacred ability of music to transform the human spirit.
What readers are saying, courtesy of Amazon.com;
"This is a great survey of quotes by musicians and music lovers about music. It really helps the reader understand what it is that propels musicians to compose, and why music is so moving to the listener." ~ Anonymous
"This book affirms the importance of music as a part of the human spiritual journey. The remarkable preface by Fredric Lieberman is a deeply moving description of how he came to decide to become a professional musician, and this preface sets the tone for the book. The book itself reminds the reader that music is a paradox; a deeply unsettling and centering artform, and not merely the background noise for our daily activities. There are quotes here from musicians of all practices and allegiances. I keep my copy around to clean out my head when the world is too much with me." ~ Sparrowhawk
"For those of us who have often contemplated the meaning and magic called "music", Mick's book will certainly unlock the mysteries and shed light on this universal power that has permeated all cultures since time began. This is an incredible compilation of insights spoken by the masters and common man who have lived, loved and graced the world with music over the centuries. A great read; simple, humorous, reflective and motivating. I recommend this book to people of all ages -- musicians and non-musicians alike. And particularly children who in their youth will benefit from understanding that music is the pulse of life, critical to the soul, and as necessary as food, water and air." ~ Gary B.