Mickey Hart Accelerates Next Stage in Music’s Evolution

July 17, 2012

This is one of the most innovative and interesting albums I have heard in a long time.  Mickey and his awesome band break new musical ground and show us the future of music.  This album combines a variety of sounds, rhythms, and styles in a way that takes the listener on a journey to the beginnings of the universe.  As expected, this CD has an infectious beat – turn it up loud and groove.

The Mickey Hart Band's latest project will appeal to a wide range of listeners.  You will find shades of psychedelic trance and new age; blended with world music and rock.  As expected the album is infused with pulsating and provocative rhythm.  The songs embrace a wide range of tempos and styles.  This album truly adopts an international and ancient perspective on music.

Singing is powerful and positive.  Harmonies are amazing.  Songs flow together seamlessly.  Just like a Dead show each songs grooves and cooks for a minute or more before the singing starts.  Songs generally fade out in the same improvisational style made famous by Mickey's partners over the years.  The production and mixing are really clear and clean.  Ben Yonas and the band spent months getting the sound perfect . You can hear everything clearly with no unwanted noise or distraction.

This album will work well for many settings and moods.  The music gets you up and moving and lets you chill out at same time.  I have played this energetic music while driving or writing – it is a perfect mood setter.  I also have enjoyed jamming along on my guitar or whatever percussion instrument is at hand.  This is complex and sophisticated music – that remains accessible.  It stands up well after repeated listenings.

Some smart university should give Mickey Hart a position as Professor of Musical Innovation and Social Change.  He has experienced so much of the counterculture and had a front-row seat to the hippie revolution.  His latest project is a grand opus from a man who never stopped growing as a musician and a scholar.  He takes music to the ultimate beginning of life and time – The Big Bang.

Actually we should not expect anything other than continuous growth and achievement from a man who was "The HartBeat of the Grateful Dead."  He was blessed to have grown up like Steve Jobs, in an unbelievable and unprecedented social milieu that was the ultimately become Silicon Valley.  I hope that everyone will go to his website and buy a copy of his latest CD.  You also need to go see this band when they are in your area (I truly regret that I missed them here in Carrboro, NC)

By - Dr. Tom

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