Donna Donna has a Fascinating Conversation with Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart

August 14, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the beginning of creation sounded like, or what the neurology of rhythm is? Well Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart did, so he got a team of scientists together to figure it out! Seriously.

I had a fascinating conversation with Mickey yesterday. Check it out here.

Hart's new album "Mysterium Tremendum" was composed using light waves captured by scientists from radio telescopes that Hart turned into sound waves using a computer algorithm. Then he composed the songs around the celestial sounds and had Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter write the lyrics.

But Hart told Billboard "I didn't want to make this into a scientific experiment. This is music. I wanted it to be fun." Hart says "This is a mixture of songs from the sound of the universe and the whole Earth, the world's music,"

Hart is also passionately devoted to the field of music therapy. He works closely with many of the top scientists in the nation in the fields of sound, neurology and cardiology. The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music says Hart "is on the precipice of making very important discoveries regarding music, healing, and how they intersect. WCM called him "a true pioneer in the field of music and healing."

Mickey brings The Mickey Hart band to The Paramount in Huntington Thursday night (8/16) and 100% of every ticket purchased through his website goes to local groups working in the field of music therapy.

By - Donna Donna