My quest began with an inner pull to get to the heart of drumming as a central aspect of human life.

My quest then branched out into a myriad of places I had never imagined.

Rhythm is one of the ordering principles of the Universe, and one of its greatest mysteries. I've spent many years looking as deep into this mystery as it is possible to go, exploring all the ramifications that ensue when we treat rhythm as one of the ruling metaphors of life, when we look at the universe through rhythm eyes. Over time I've grown a profound appreciation for what it is to be multi-dimensional rhythm machine living in a rhythmic universe.

When I published "Drumming at the Edge of Magic" in 1990, there was little science on music and the brain. The question of what the brain looks like before, during and after an auditory driving experience was not available. Now it is. How can we as practitioners repeat an ecstatic experience? What is the code? What frequencies are the most powerful and how do they work in sending signals to the brain? How might we use them as medicine? These are some of the questions I take up here.