Classic Holiday Poem Turned Ultimate Grateful Dead Holiday Playlist

December 24, 2019

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​'Twas the night before Christmas, ​we all sat in the den, ​Cornell 77' playing again and again.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, ​in hopes ​that​ St. Stephen soon would be there.

The Menorah burns bright with 8 candles of light. We think you'll enjoy this One More Saturday Night.
Stories of Abraham and Issac never get old. Neither does this 1989 Greatest Story Ever Told

​Alpine Valley 89' ​o​n the lawn arose such a clatter, ​​When Sugaree is playing, nothings a matter​.
Away to the rail - ​a spot not to lose, ​Close as we can,  ​78' Birmingham, New​ Minglewood Blues​.​

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen Rain and Snow​, This Morning Dew from Augusta warms us up with a glow.
When, Me and My Uncle - so lively and merry, Disovered "Accidentally Like A Martyr" - some beautiful rare Jerry.

In Oakland 86' to our grateful eyes did appear, ​Jerry back on stage after almost a year​;
Tiger in hand with his band in the West, The boys were together, loving Pearly Baker the best.

At the Fillmore East 1970 the Dire Wolf runs wild, Plus a 27 minute Dark Star even Ebenezer had smiled.
Beacon Theatre 76' - an incredible show, Jerry’s pure magic on this Row Jimmy Row.

Dead & Company provides us with good times aplenty, Help/Slip/Franklin's just perfect from the hands of Chimenti.
Fox Theater 77' - an incredible show, Jerry shreds hard on a Ramble On Rose!

The Warlocks, The Grateful Dead, & now Dead & Co, Weir everywhere you know, on the bus we shall go.
50+ years of music, always taking us higher, New Years 1990, dancing with fire.

So many shows in our hearts and our minds, Inspiring us to always BeKind;
The Music Never Stopped and there's no end in sight, Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good-night!