The Bali Sessions: Living Art, Sounding Spirit

Track List


  101 Sekati Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala 6:56  
  102 Rejang Dauh Tukad Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala 5:12  
  103 Ijang Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala 6:04  
  104 Nyanjangan Sekaa Gamelan Selonding Sudamala 2:21  
  105 Palawakia Sekaa Gong Suling Udiyana Budaya 10:31  
  106 Genggong solo Sekaa Genggong Batur Sari 1:38  
  107 Gelaga Puhun Sekaa Genggong Batur Sari 2:13  
  108 Anklung Sekar Jati Sekaa Genggong Batur Sari 5:10  
  109 Semara Guna Sekaa Jegog Yuskumara 24:58  

                     Plus 7 additional tracks.





The Bali Sessions: Living Art, Sounding Spirit
Various Artists 

In 1999, five years after releasing Music for the Gods: The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition: Indonesia, Mickey Hart sought to record an album highlighting the more contemporary musical adaptations of Bali in Living Art, Sounding Spirit: The Bali Sessions. “I have geared this recording toward rarer ensembles and new compositions,” says Hart, “omitting the most popular styles such as kebyar, since they have been often and well recorded elsewhere.” The album features kecak (a vocal orchestral form characterized by interlocking voices), gamelan jegog (a little-known ensemble of large bamboo instruments popular in isolated villages of far-western Bali), and new styles kreasi baru and musik kontemporer (which incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements into pieces calling for peace and unity during in the throes of the late 1990s Asian financial crisis). Hart produced the three-disc set with the help of ethnomusicologist Frederic Lieberman, author of the liner notes. Living Art, Sounding Spirit: The Bali Sessions was issued in 1999 as part of “THE WORLD” series (now part of the Mickey Hart Collection made available by Smithsonian Folkways).

RECORD LABEL Mickey Hart Collection
SOURCE ARCHIVE Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
COPYRIGHT 2011 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / The Mickey Hart Collection

GENRE(S) World 
COUNTRY(S) Indonesia