T Shirt Contest Rules and Guidelines

Winning designer receives a special collection of Mickey Hart memorabilia 
including music, merch, autographed items, and a signed print of one of Mickey's paintings. 

Artistic Guidelines:

Submission Guidelines:

Official Contest Rules:


I am submitting a contest entry with this form, and I hereby assign any and all rights in the intellectual property of this entry to 360 Productions, USA (Planet Drum/Mickey Hart). I agree that the entry I submit becomes your property and that the entry will not be returned to me. I state that this entry is my own original creation and that I did not copy anyone else’s work in creating this contest entry. I agree that if I win the contest, I authorize the use by you, without compensation, of my name and likeness or photograph for promotional purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation the internet, written or email communications, brochures, videos, slides, radio, television, film) that you deem appropriate. If it is discovered my work is someone’s other than my own, I understand I will be withdrawn from the competition immediately and I forfeit any prizes. I understand my actions may result in, but are not limited to, no longer being able to participate in such competitions in the future.