Happy Birthday Michal Menert

June 10, 2017

Jason Hann - Michal Menert - Mickey Hart - In the studio 2017.

Happy Birthday Michal!
Looking forward to our upcoming album this fall!

Checkout what Michal and I are up to.
Mickey Hart And Michal Menert Are Working On New Album Featuring Jason Hann, Zakir Hussain, & More
Read more about our collaboration here:

"Michal is an electronic music artist and producer based in Denver, Colorado. A multi-instrumentalist, he incorporates live guitar and keys into his final production for a full sound and rich feel. By tapping into the world of music that surrounds him, he twists and turns day-to-day inspirations into music that is all his own." ~Official Bio
Learn more about Michal from his official site here.

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